Because I know deep sorrow, I also know unspeakable joy.
— Regina Snow
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You CAN make a difference and Nicho's Cause is just about that -

Raising awareness about sudden infant death.  

Your donation allows us to connect with more people and businesses, whether they're in our own backyard, down the street or around the world. Providing this information to everyone is what it's all about and with your support we can do just that.

So, let's share our story and your story, and in so doing, you're helping to raise awareness.

Let's bring awareness home where it matters most.

                Owlet, the inventors of The Smart Sock and The Smart Sock 2, have graciously offered to match ALL donations


From the bottom of our heart ~ Thank you for your love and continued support.

I have felt joy, the kind that makes my heart want to sing, and so my tears are not a surrender ~ I’ll feel that way again.
— Hilary Weeks ~ Just Let Me Cry